"God Is with Us"

The Apostle Matthew opens the gospels by quoting an ancient prophecy from the book of Isaiah, "a virgin will give birth to boy and they will call the child Immanuel." What is the significance of this prophecy, given more than 700 years before the birth of Christ?

What can we learn from a simple name? We invite you to join us on a journey

as we discover the true meaning of Christmas.

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November 26: Immanuel

What did this prophecy mean to the prophet Isaiah when he delivered it to King Ahaz around 735 BC.?

What did it mean to the Apostle Matthew? What does it mean to us today?


December 3: God as One of Us 

Immanuel is God dressed in human skin. According to the Apostle John, the Eternal Word, who always has been and
always will be, chose to empty himself of divine power and privilege so he could live life as human.


December 10: Our Savior Among Us

God's eternal plan for mankind is revealed in the name, Immanuel. What is this incredible design He's held in

his heart since the beginning of time?


December 17: God Is with Us

Before ascending his throne in heaven, Jesus made a promise, "God will always be with us."


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